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Secretarial Services and Virtual Assistants

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    VA4U: Virtual Assistants For You
    Provides international registers of Virtual Assistant members. Each VA has their own personal web page and directory, with contact information. Search by continent or country.

    Virtual Word Publishing
    Resource site for virtual assistants containing a directory of VA's who specialize in all aspects of work. Offers books, links, articles, and other related information.

    Work the Web
    A resource site with various information and suggestions for virtual assistants and those seeking virtual assistance.

    Yahoo! Groups: VirtualAssistants
    Discussion board for virtual assistants.

    Your Virtual Resource
    Information, tools, and resources to help create, fill, and enhance a virtual assistant practice. Free newsletter for virtual business partnerships.

    Information Today: Being a Virtual Assistant
    Article providing an overview of the virtual assistant profession, and containing links to recommended websites. (January 1, 2002)
    Resources, articles, and information for all levels of virtual assistants and office professionals.

    Home Secretarial Services
    Directory of home-based secretaries, who work as independent contractors. Outsourcing or in-office assignments taken. Individual contact information listed by state or country.

    Secretaries USA
    Reference for the home and corporate office, including capitalization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, forms of address, abbreviations, letter styles, business forms, and metric conversions.

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