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Physical Asset Management

  • Asset Tracking

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    Appraisal by Request
    Online personal property appraisal services.

    Asset Control LLC
    Providing end to end asset management solutions including recovery, remarketing, appraisal, inspection, and auctions.

    Asset Systems, Inc.
    Offers facilities management tracking systems for IT assets, office furniture, and warehouse inventory control. Assists with GASB 34 compliance.

    Beltech Inc
    Consultants in distribution, barcode and computer technologies.

    Black Creek Consulting, Ltd.
    A mid-Atlantic based firm specializing in receivership management.

    BTS Asset Management
    Provides asset management services nationwide.

    Camden Asset Management, L.P.
    Risk-controlled, hedged arbitrage transactions to enhance the returns of investors' index and cash portfolios.

    Centennial Associates, Inc.
    Full-service solutions and products: facilities and relocation management, design and space planning, asset management and control.

    Cincinnati Business Records Management
    Infomanagement provides offsite business records and electronic media storage, including bar coding and document imaging-delivered daily.

    Datascan Electronics, Ltd. UK
    Repair of point of sale equipment covering bar code scanners, card readers and displays; Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

    Fixed Asset Systems
    Solutions for fixed asset tagging, inventory consulting, barcoding and personal property tax problems.

    Investment Recovery Assoc.
    Experts in asset management.

    Liptok Incorporated
    Provides financial services, consulting, asset management, and international business brokering for the IT and technology industries.

    Rod Hyman Asset Services
    Strategic asset managers, valuers and brokers.

    Subterranean Data Storage Co.
    Fully automated computer backup without the hassles of tapes, zip drives or floppies.

    Total Listings:  17     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 >>

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