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Asset Tracking

  • RFID

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    Wasp Barcode Technologies
    Wasp is the #1 selling, industry-leading asset tracking solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Wasp has perfected an all-in-one solution to solve the asset tracking needs of government and educational agencies.
    Barcode Scanners by Wasp Barcode Technologies
    Wasp is the leading manufacturer of reliable, performance-packed barcode scanners for small to medium business. Their family of laser barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanners, CCD barcode scanners.
    Active Wave RFID Solutions
    Manufactures and integrates RFID solutions for tracking and locating inventory, assets, and people.

    Advanced Data Capture Corporation
    Offering barcode data collection, hardware, software, and engineering services.

    Alliance Tag
    Offers asset tags for property and product identification.

    Alpha Barcode Technology
    Company offers standard, custom and speciality labels. Also sells auto-id hardware and software solutions.

    ASAP Systems
    Company offers complete barcode inventory solutions. Specializes in off-the-shelf systems.

    Offers custom RFID asset identification and asset management solutions. UK.

    Assetware Technology
    Offers a suite of asset management products specializing in accounting applications. UK.

    Barcode Solutions
    Supplies barcode readers and data collection devices for product identification and tracking. UK.

    Barcode Trading Post
    Offers used barcode scanners and barcode printers. Also offers online trade, and sell of used barcode scanners and printers.

    Barcodes Midwest
    Labeling service bureau specializes in pre-printed labels and forms.

    Windows-based asset management software providing flexible design and reporting capabilities for custom data collection applications. Designed to work with the Symbol PDT3100.

    Beefive Technologies
    French-Canadian bar code system integrator. Quebec, Canada.

    Brady Corp.
    Offers fixed asset tracking solutions and turn-key inventory services.

    Castle Auto ID
    Offers barcoding solutions for industry from real-time data collection systems to label printing systems. UK

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