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Asset Tracking

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    Codestar Electronics
    offers static-free scanners for use in electronic assembly and manufacturing environments.

    Data Collection Specialist, Inc.
    Texas-based integrator and re-seller of data collection hardware and software.

    Data Enterprises
    Automated barcode driven tool for inventory control and tracking system.

    Offers sales and integration of data capture, printing and software solutions.
    Offers O.E.M. data collection equipment for commercial, industrial, or retail point-of-sale applications.

    Dragon Solutions
    Offers branded barcode readers, data collection devices and software. UK

    Offers bar code products. Specializes in sells of Handheld Technologies and PSC.

    Italian manufacturer of barcode related products.

    E-Labeling, LLC
    Distributor of pre-printed labels and tags, software and supplies.

    Electronic Imaging Materials
    Specialty bar code labels for property, equipment marking, tracking and security.

    Express Barcode Labels
    Offers custom bar code labels and tags for use in harsh environments.

    Offers asset management software solutions from Best Software, Inc.

    Asset management software for electronic tracking of fixed assets and within different areas of an organization. Offers demo download.

    FATS - Fixed Asset Tracking System
    Low cost, asset tracking software designed to be used with portable data terminals.

    Geneva Systems Inc
    Integrator of supply chain management and work-in-progress solutions.

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