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    Provides a range of radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions.

    Amskan Ltd
    Australian company designs, develops and manufactures Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) transponders, readers, and couplers.

    Canadian company offers i-button reader access solutions.

    Offers a wide range of RFID hardware and software solutions. UK

    Databrokers Inc.
    Specializes in radio frequency identification integration focusing on middleware and device control.

    Destron Fearing
    Manufactures RFID products for animals including livestock and pet tracking solutions.

    DTE Automation
    Manufactures RFID transponder systems for factory automation, access systems and stock handling.

    Swedish company offers customized RIFD solutions for industrial applications including the laundry and waste management industries.

    Escort Memory Systems
    Research and development company offers radio frequency identification systems for supply chain management.

    GLOBAL ID Technologies
    Swiss company develops a complete line of turn-key RFID transponders, readers, and software.

    Manufacturer of RFID access systems using proximity cards and readers.

    Identec, Inc
    Offers long-range RFID products for perishable goods and asset tracking.

    Manufactures and designs low-cost RFID tags, readers, demo kits, software, and custom solutions.

    KTP (UK)
    Offers barcode and RFID systems integration for Inventory, Warehouse, WIP, and Time & Attendance applications.

    Offers patented radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for chain management and real-time asset tracking.

    Minec Systems
    Manufacturer of combination RFID and laser readers built into portable data collection units.

    Northern Apex
    RFID hardware and software solutions integrator, specializing in 13.56 mhz smart chip technology for asset tracking, inspection and revenue tracking applications with Gemplus and TI'RFID solution partners.

    Company offers line of HID compatible proximity readers made by OmniTek.

    Phase IV Engineering
    Offers RFID product development and application including text-to-speech and low power telemetry systems.

    Rafsec Oy
    Specializes in the production and development of card, ticket and label transponders. Includes products, brochure, and contacts.

    Total Listings:  34     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 >>

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