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Acumen Business Services
Independent consultancy for business continuity management, embracing information security and risk.

All Hands Emergency Management
A web-based community of emergency management and businesses continuity practitioners providing services to both public and private sector organizations.

Always in Business / Business Continuity Planning
Alwaysin Business / Business Continuity Planning (ABCP) specializes in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning for businesses and datacenters.

Aurora Safety
Aurora Safety offered specializes services related to business continuity, safety and emergency management.

Provides business continuity consulting services as well as information on wider planning and security issues.

Bel Esprit Partners
Contingency planning consulting services and products

Bergee Business Continuity
Business continuity planning consultants, specializing in contingency auditing, development, testing, and training.

Binomial International
Describes consulting and seminars in support of recovery planning, and offers the Phoenix software solution.

Business Continuity Consulting
A business continuity consultancy specializing in moving to internal, vendor-free, solutions.

Business Continuity Services Inc
Consulting firm offering plan development, training, testing services and vendor negotiation representation.

Business Continuity Solutions
As an independent consultancy and software house, we develop integrative concepts and products for the active Business Continuity Management of our customers.

Business Security Consultants, Inc
US based consultants focusing upon the protection of infrastructure against terrorist attacks.

Classic Blue
Disaster recovery, business continuity, IT infrastructure solutions, and systems integration. Australia based.

Cole Emerson & Associates
California based consultancy specialising on business continuity management and contingency planning.

Continue offer Business Continuity Management consultancy services to any company

COOP Consulting
Delivery of continuity of operations services, including methodology, software and training.

Coral Sea Software - Continuity & DRP
Development and implementation of continuity and disaster recovery plans using specialist software.

CPA Limited
Outlines the services and products of UK based Continuity Planning Associates Ltd.

Provide a range of crisis management services including communication planning and issues management, spokesperson training, crisis response, and emergency preparedness services.

DavisLogic, Inc.
Provides technology and business continuity consulting services and solutions. Specialists in project management, information management, risk management, web development, and disaster recovery.

Total Listings:  64     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 3 4 >>

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