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Directory bail bondsmen, investigators, and defense attorneys, searchable by state.
Searchable database of private investigators in the United States and Canada.

Find a private investigator or related service, by specialty and location.
Investigative service providers, organized by specialty.
Directory of private investigators searchable by zip code.

Searchable international directory of private investigators.

National Association of Fraud Investigators
Database of investigators focusing on Fraud Investigation.

National Association of Investigative Specialists
Membership directory, searchable by location and specialization.

Nationwide PI Network
International directory of private investigators.

Oklahoma Private Investigators Association
Offering a statewide directory of investigators.

PI Register.Com
International directory of private investigators.

PI Resources and Locator
Directory of private investigators with industry resources.
Directory of private investigators with resources for this profession.

Private Eye List
A searchable directory of U.S. Private Investigators.

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