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Access Control

  • ID Cards and Systems

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    4 Tec Security Limited
    Security systems installer offers CCTV, access control gates, traffic barriers, bollards, and fencing.

    Specializes in electronic security and access control systems for business and industry.

    SFI Electronics
    Providing design, sales, installation, and support services for a variety of commercial electronic security and management control systems.

    A transparent, virtually impenetrable film that applies to glass to prevent shattering. Helps defend against burglaries, vandalism, terrorism and natural disasters.

    Signature Card, Inc.
    Design and production of all types of plastic cards from business cards to ANSI compatible magnetic striped cards.

    Silvertech International Plc
    Provide control and high integrity safety systems solutions to clients in the following industries: oil and gas extraction and production, petro-chemical, and industrial automation. UK Based.

    Smarter Security Systems
    Offers intrusion detection and perimeter access control solutions including infrared detection and optical turnstiles.

    Smarti: Smart Innovations
    Improves the operating costs in hotels via magnetic energy saving systems by Saven and Dallas. Based in Greese.

    Stancom Industrial CCTV And Access Control
    Total industrial security distributor specializing in all types of security systems and equipment.

    Superior Hardware
    Offers a doorstop to prevent home invasion, Intruder Stop.

    Synel Industries Ltd.
    Manufacturer of Data Collection Solutions, including Time and Attendance hardware and Software and Access Control systems. Israel.

    Synergistics, Inc.
    Includes product literature, technical drawings, manuals, installation guides and software distribution for these security products.

    Taiwan Security Net Co., Ltd.
    Manufacturer of security devices, such as photoelectric sensors, magnetic shutter sensor, pull switch, glass sensor, magnetic switch and ProxPro reader. Taiwan based.

    Manufacturer and supplier of complete locking solutions and access control technologies, focussed on the Residential, Commercial and Hospitality markets. Spain

    Tomsed Turnstile Corporation
    Design and manufacture of all types of turnstiles and related products for stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, and recreation and amusement parks.

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