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Armored Vehicles

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Carat Duchatelet International
Provides limousine and armoured cars based on automotive products from Mercedes and Rover. Based in Belgium.

Cloer International GmbH
Provider of armoured limousines and cross-country vehicles. Based in Germany.

Craig International Ballistics Pty Ltd
Manufacturer of armored vehicles, body armor, and aircraft and marine armoring. Based in Australia.
Offers a variety of armored vehicles ranging from luxury cars and SUVs to cash vans and personal carrier vahicles, among other security products. Based in India.

Eurosafe Sweden AB
Armored light weight vehicles for transport of valuables. Serving National Banks, international security companies and police forces.

First Defense International Group
Manufacturer of armored vehicles, among other security products.

Griffin Inc.
Supplier of armored vans, armored route trucks, armored coin trucks, armored tandem axle trucks, and fully-armored over-the-road tractors.

Grupo SIS
Provides installation of armor plating. Based in Guatemala.

GTS Group
Fleet vehicle disposals and exporters. Specializes in used armoured vehicles and associated spare parts such as engines and gearboxes. Based in the UK.

High Protection Company
Specializes in transforming original passenger vehicles into complete armored vehicles.

International Armoring Corporation
Manufacturer of armored cars and armored vehicles for executive protection.

Jeet & Jeet Glass and Chem.
Manufacturers of custom made armored vehicles and bullet proof passenger vehicles, among other security products. Based in India.

Karotek Systemer AS
Provider of ballistic protection for money transport, CIT vehicles, military vehicles and saloon cars. Based in Norway.

Labock Technologies, Inc.
Research, Development and Manufacturing company. Produces armored vehicles and other armoring products using proprietary patents such as the OneWay bullet resistant glass and the portable armor kit for vehicles.

Lasco International
Specializes in providing bullet-proof solutions for auto, corporate, and personal safety.

LDV, Inc.
Consultants, Designers, and Manufacturers of customer-driven mobile solutions since 1977. Provides special service vehicles, mobile tool stores, and other specialized interiors.

Lenco Armored Vehicles
Since 1981, Lenco designs and manufactures many types of armored vehicles including vans, trucks, SUVs and SWAT trucks.

Maitamach GMBH
Security company offering bullet resistant vehicles among other security products. Based in Germany.

Total Listings:  18     Add Your ListingPages: 1 2 >>

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