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Explosives Detection

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Detection Support Services
Provider of explosive detector K9's, based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Epicyon K9 Inc.
Explosives Detection K9 Teams based in Dallas, Texas

Euro-K9 Detector Dogs
UK based firm providing bomb dog sweeps

Explosives Trace Detection Services
Explosive detection systems to trace and identify bombs, contraband and narcotics.

HiEnergy Technologies, Inc.
Technology that remotely determines the chemical composition of concealed substances.

International Security and Explosives Detection Canine Services Australia
Australian based agency providing explosives detection K9 services and consulting.

K-9 Detection International
Florida based detection agency offering a wide variety of canine detection disciplines.

Llewellyn Security
Bomb detection services based in Canada

New York Security Service
Providers of explosives detection canines in the NY area

Unique K-9
Australia based agency providing explosives detection K9 services

Universal K-9 Services, Inc.
Sanford, FL agency providing K9 Teams to sniff out explosive devices.

U.S. Bomb Dogs, Inc.
Canine explosives detection agency based in VA

American K9 Interdiction, Inc.
Providing explosives detector teams, based in Virginia.

Bomb Dogs Inc.
Napa Valley based explosives detection canine agency

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