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Change Machines

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Scan Coin - Omser (UK) Ltd.
Manufacturers and suppliers of change machines and other cash handling equipment.

Standard Change-Makers, Inc.
Suppliers of change, token and ticket dispensing machines.

The Thomas Automatics Co Ltd
Manufacturers and suppliers of banknote to coin change machines, casino changers, bill changers and token venders. Worldwide distribution.

Coinage (Bristol) Limited
Manufacturers of change machines for currency and credit transactions.

D.M. (Kent) Electronics
Manufacturer and supplier of note and coin change machines. UK.

Hamilton Manufacturing Corporation
Manufacturers of change machines and currency handling products

Jamex Vending Systems
Manufacturer of cash and card vending systems for copiers, printers, and fax machines. USA

Marketing and servicing of money counters, change and ticketing machines. New Zealand

Rowe International Inc
Manufacturers of bill changers available through local distributors. North America

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